Zahradnictví Novák Hlučín s.r.o.

Zahradnictví Novák Hlučín s.r.o.

Celní 1893/4A, 748 01 Hlučín
+420 595 041 140

Po-pá 8:00-17:00
So 8:00-16:00
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Garden center Novák stand since 1993 on diligence, work and love of nature of the Novák family. Václav and Marie founded together market gardens that gradually became the orientation point of Hlučín region. Already a third generation of the Nováks contributes with love to “goodwill of our company”, like Václav Novák wished and wrote into his diaries. A third generation joyously cares for beauties of nature and spreads them into your houses and gardens, into your lives. Milan and Hanka joined the Association of garden centers in 2017 and thanks to it they can offer even higher quality service and wider range of products to its customers.

So who we are?

We are the Novaks. We care for at least a little bit greener world. We grow plants for your home and garden, herbs to kitchens, trees for streets, orchids to be gifts, apple trees for orchards and blueberries for backyard.

You can find our signature all around.

Your gardeners from Hlučín.

 Milan, Hanka, Marie, Vít a Jan.


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