Since 2019 members of FloreniUm have decides to annually appreciate and honor significant personalities of the horticulture. The main criterion is a long term contribution and work for the horticulture.


Ing. Zdeněk Nachlinger

  • * 24th Nov 1945 born in Úvaly near Prague to a horticultural family
  • 1963 graduation from the Secondary School of Horticulture in Mělník and then work placement at the company Sady, lesy a zahradnictví Prague
  • 1969 cum laude graduation from the Horticultural Faculty in Lednice in Moravia (together with his wife) and earning Master’s degree
  • 1972-1981 manager of center 02 Tušimice (Sempra Kadaň)
  • 1982-1990 Head of the Floriculture and Greenhouse Production at VHJ Sempra Prague
  • 1991-1999 the first chairman of the Association of Floriculturists and Florists of the Czech Republic
  • since 1993 co-owner of Bohemiaseed s.r.o., head of the services for gardeners department

The gardening tradition continues

Petr Nachlinger: Managing director and, together with his father, the co-owner of an important horticultural company Azalea Chlumec s. r. o
Vít Nachlinger: manager of gardening operations at Zahradnictví Cinke s. r. o. Žatec


Josef Schuch

Josef Schuch

  • Gardening family tradition – already since 1850
  • 1948 – begging of apprenticeship at a famous gardening company František Černý in Jaroměř
  • 1967 – graduation from agricultural university with master’s degree
  • 1969 – researcher at the Research Institute for gardening in Průhonice – studies of growing in woody plants in containers
  • 1977 – establishment of ornamental nursery in Kostelec nad Černými lesy – specializing in growing alley and stand alone trees in open soil (first tree digger in the CR)
  • 1982 – sucesfull defence of a thesis on the topis of Growing woody bushes and trees in containers and earning candidate of sciences (CSc.) degree at the agricultural university
  • 1991 – reestablishment of family nursery in Zdechovice


Jiří Chládek

Jiří Chládek

  • 1974-78 studies at Gardening high school in Mělník
  • 1980-82 military service
  • 1980-82 gardener at castle nursery Chrast near Chrudim
  • 1982-84 gardener at Polish Embassy
  • 1984-91 gardener at Japanese Embassy
  • 1992 – together with his wife he established garden center in Prague-Střešovice
  • 1997 – he was at the birth of Garden Centers Association
  • 2000 – establishing of the ornamental nursery Chládek in Mazelov
  • 2005 – main initiator of transformation of the association in a way how we know it today. He saw the association as a group of companies whose main activity is sale of complete gardening range with a stress on products quality, professionality and fairness of relationship with suppliers.
  • 2002-17 renewal of more than hundred years old tradition of gardeners’ balls
  • 2009 – Opening of a restaurant, as a part of the garden center
  • 2017 – handing over of the company management to his sons – Jiří and Jan

In 2020 the award was not given due to the covid pandemic.


Josef Holzbecher

Josef Holzbecher

  • Together with his wife he built up top-class alpine perennial nursery of European significance.
  • He enriched world assortment of alpine by many new species thanks to his expeditions.
  • Wide publishing activity in local and foreign professional press.
  • He worked in a leading position in Arboreto Brno for many years. There he participated in building many expositions, which are still popular and considered important elements for world garden architects
  • He succesfully handed over the nursery to the next generation – his daughter Jana.

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